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Neuropathy Pain Naturally

Proven At Home Techniques for Lasting Relief

Dr. Felipe Messias

Did you know that it is possible to regenerate your nerves and overcome your Neuropathy pain WITHOUT medications or invasive surgeries?

Being someone who knows what it is like to suffer from an autoimmune condition, I am extremely passionate about helping others not only to heal, but also to return to doing the activities they enjoy with the people they love the most.

It's my mission to bring a higher level of hope and healing to those suffering from Neuropathy.

That's why I want to share my research proven methods that are both natural and effective and yielding a 95% succes rate.​

Join my live web training in which I will teach you everything you need to know about this complex condition and the path towards healing.

Tuesday, June 27th at 7pm EST.

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Dr. Felipe Messias

Here's What You'll Learn...

  • Why your prior medical interventions haven’t worked for you...

  • The Hidden Dangers of Relying Solely on Medications to Treat Neuropathy

  • The Real Causes Responsible For Your Neuropathy

  • ​​My Proven Tri-Focused Approach Yielding a 95% Success Rate

  • ​​The life-changing improvements you can achieve

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Numbness

  • Tingling

  • Cramping

  • Burning Pain

  • Sharp, stabbing pain

  • Balance problems or falling

  • Can't sleep from foot pain

  • Limits your activity level

  • ​Muscle weakness

If you answered yes to any of these, then this free training is for you .

Are You Ready to Overcome Your Neuropathy Pain FOR GOOD?

Optimize Wellness

Dr. Felipe Messias’ life-long dream to work with his hands as a doctor in order to bring hope and healing to his patients was nearly shattered just three months after graduating chiropractic school..

At just twenty-eight years of age, he was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and could no longer dedicate himself to his craft. It was at that point in his life that he dove into functional medicine. Thus, over the course of the next few years, he was able to reverse his own auto-immune condition by 95% without ever taking any drugs or injections. So with his new found knowledge of functional medicine, he decided to become Board Certified in Neuropathy.

Now it's his mission to help as many neuropathy sufferers around the world as possible and bring them not only a relief of symptoms, but true neuropathy reversal so they can regain the quality of life they once had and ultimately return to living out their lives to the fullest. 

Patient Experiences

with Optimize Wellness

''Huge improvements in just 2 weeks!''

When Ray first came in, he was experiencing burning toes.

After just 2 weeks of therapy, almost all his symptoms are gone, his balance is coming back and he feels great!

''It was the best thing I could ever do for my feet''

After two and a half months of treatment, Linda's feet are so much better. They finally don't hurt anymore. Linda is also no longer tripping or falling.

She's off of Gabapentin and walking better.

Ditched the walker in just 2.5 months

What a transformation! In only 2.5 months of treatment, Sharonda said goodbye to her walker, has no more burning feet and is experiencing greater strenght and more balance.

After only 1 treatment the numbness and tingling went down a lot!

Mari Lee shares how only after 1 treatment she already noticed a big difference with her symptoms and was able to get out of bed without numbness and tingling.

My Life Is So Much Better Now!

Jared was suffering with both fibromyalgia and neuropathy. He was taking seven medications per day, and could barely make it through the week without crashing. 

He shares just three months into the program, he’s down 20 lbs, his knees and hips don’t hurt anymore, and he’s free from expensive medication prescriptions. 

Post-Stroke Neuropathy Reversing

In 3 Weeks!

Four years ago, Dwayne was a competitive athlete living a healthy life when suddenly he suffered a stroke and developed neuropathy. Painful tingling and numbness plagued his left side 24/7. 

Listen in to hear his incredible transformation just three weeks after starting treatment with Dr. Messias. He’s gone from bedridden to back to his normal training routine in less than 30 days.

I Can Walk Again!

Christine could hardly sleep. Her pain had gotten so bad. She was missing out on important moments with her family because of her neuropathy symptoms. 

Learn about the simple at-home protocol Dr. Messias provided that has given her the strength to keep up with her grandkids and get her life back to normal. 

Going Dancing Tonight

Jonathan was embarrassed that his neuropathy had gotten so bad he had to use a cane to walk. He couldn’t remember the last time he took a step that didn’t send shooting pains up his leg. 

After just one session with Dr. Messias, he was able to walk out without using his cane, and could even do a pain-free jig.

Neuropathy Burning is Gone and I Can Sleep Again!

Cheryl had been struggling with neuropathy for the last 10 years. She was no longer sleeping thanks to intense tingling in her hands and feet, and it was starting to negatively impact all aspects of her life.

After just two weeks in the program, she was able to sleep through the night again, and has regained normal feeling in her feet for the first time in years.

I'm Able To Write Again!

Susan had been silently suffering with numb hands and feet for years. Her discomfort had gotten so bad, she couldn’t even take notes at her job. 

Since working with Dr. Messias, she has already drastically regained strength in her hands and feet, and her writing is already back to normal! 

Not Taking Gabapentin Anymore!

Stephen couldn’t remember the last time he had a good night’s sleep. The pain in his feet had gotten so bad that he was taking SIX Gabapentin per day.  

After seven months in the program, he is able to sleep through the entire night, and broke free of neuropathy medication and its harmful side effects. 

Not Waking Up in the Middle of the Night Anymore

Efrain was only getting four hours of sleep a night for years thanks to the sharp pains in his feet. 

After just three weeks into the program his foot pain is completely gone and he’s getting seven hours of sleep per night and feels more energized than he has in years.